Your service has its own unique diversion number on our system with your greeting and call handling set up.

Once your service is on our system it is live and ready to use – all the time or just when you want to divert your calls – 24x7.

Free set up and no contracts!

If you want to cancel, we need to be advised in writing and notice must be given before the next monthly plan begins on the 1st of the month or the next month’s plan will be charged.

Services and Plans

There is a call allowance associated with each service’s plan. Calls above this allowance will be charged at the excess call rate.

Once you have an audit trail of the calls being received you can adjust to the best plan allowance to suit your budget; service and plan changes will apply from the next billing month once you have advised us of the change in writing.

Excess calls, message delivery (by SMS, fax or pager only), call costs of transfers to another number, and extras such as 1300 numbers are charged in addition to plan costs.

Billing and Payment

To streamline administration and reduce your costs, all services on must be pre-paid by credit card. You still get a tax invoice at the end of each month and your call logs are automatically emailed to you by our system, but the next month’s plan and any extras and excess calls from the previous month will be debited to your credit card on the first day of each calendar month.