Select the service for which you want to see the monthly plans available. Plans include call allowances. Excess calls, message delivery costs, telco costs (where we transfer your calls to another number) and any extras selected are additional. All prices shown are ex GST.

SERVICE FEATURES Message Express My Reception
Your calls answered LIVE by our operators 24 x 7
Collect Caller’s details – name, company, phone, short message
Collect additional details – up to 3 extra fields  
Messages sent via email and/or SMS to single address or mobile
Messages selectively sent to up to 3 email and/or mobiles  
Call transfers to up to 3 numbers (caller announced, one attempt or message sent)  

Message Express Message 15 Message 40 Message 80 Message 160
Included Calls 15 40 80 160
Excess Calls (each) $2.20 $2.10 $2.00 $1.90
Monthly Plan ex GST $30 $75 $150 $300
My Reception Reception 15 Reception 40 Reception 80 Reception 160
Included Calls 15 40 80 160
Excess Calls (each) $3.20 $3.05 $3.00 $2.90
Monthly Plan ex GST $48 $120 $240 $480
Your calls answered 24x7 on our Network.

Outstanding Value

  • Set up - FREE*
  • Your custom greeting - FREE
  • Included support
  • Call log report and tax invoice sent monthly - FREE
  • FREE set up applies once only for any new client for an ongoing service. A $25.00 ex GST reconnection fee applies to returning clients.
  • Short term services lasting less than 35 days will attract a minimum charge equivalent to 40 calls on a plan for the service level.


Extras and related charges
Costs (ex GST)

Message Delivery Costs

20 cents each
Pager or fax
50 cents each
Call costs on call transfers
10 cents per minute to a landline
20 cents per minute to a mobile

Portable national 1300/1800 numbers

Hosting and rental
$45.00 per month
Call costs
12 cents per minute inbound call costs

Own Greeting on Hold

Setup or Change
$25.00 per month hosting


Monthly call report
Client Portal Access
Self-service reporting via Client Portal
$10.00 per month


Credit card dishonour fee
Reconnection fee